nashville school board wants closer eye on spendingNASHVILLE

NC5 makes observation of: nashville school board wants closer eye on spendingNASHVILLE, Tenn. – For months, Metro schools have been completely taken in argument over how the part of the country has tired

your money.Now, the Metro School Board appears ready to put law into effect reforms to give comfort taxpayers that they are watching, including getting (time, place) fixed inside over-seers and increasing

board looking into details of contracts.It follows an on-going NewsChannel 5 investigaton that lifted up questions about millions of dollars tired without coming here-after the part of the country’s own

getting something for money policies and about contracts rewarded without the school board’s knowledge.

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„The conversations that have happened this year have been healthy in my opinion,“ said board part Will pinkston. „they Have made come into existence a healthy tight in the system, if you will, that has

led to more introspection about how we are using up money. „The change for the good proposals drew approval Tuesday from the school board’s ruling committee.pinkston, who made order on a bank the offers of

marriage, insisted that his ideas were not with purpose of at embattled schools Director Dr. Shawn Joseph and that it is a question under discussion that’s been a long time coming.Board part Amy Frogge

insisted that the question under discussion was being primarily driven by has a part in over Joseph’s the government.

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„we are looking at this because we keep getting Complaints about using up,“ Frogge told her colleagues.Among the proposals pushed by pinkston, the School Board would make connections between Metro’s

Office of inside looking over of accounts by expert to give through the year looking over of accounts by expert services to computer viewing output how the part of the country spends its $900 million

budget.pinkston’s map views possibly 2 full-time over-seers made with a written offering to just Metro schools — at a price to taxpayers of more than $200,000.

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„I have belief in that using up a little bit of money to make certain savings in a very, very complex payments outline is the right way in and in the end will money given for work for itself over

time,“ pinkston said.prior to Joseph’s getting in, the school board decided it only wanted to give approval to contracts value $100,000 or more.But our NewsChannel 5 observations discovered Joseph’s group

signed contracts that broke up greatly sized monies used into smaller thick bits, effectively going round board approval.Under pinkston’s idea, the edge, limit for board approval of contracts would be

lowered from $100,000, down to $25,000.

„Now by lowering that edge, limit it will just cause more contracts to come to the board floor, make come into existence more chance for paper and, as an outcome of that, more condition of being clear to

the public,“ pinkston said.The statement to make come into existence inside over-seers actually drew the support from Joseph himself, who suggested those watchdogs could help make out small problems before

they become great-sized ones.There are still details to work out, including making out where the money will come from.These issues are was looking on as to come to come before the full board in the next few


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